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Lisa Latorcai

Authentic Alignment for Top Performance

Start with a great Culture and develop your Leaders to give it impact every day!

Amadeus Consulting can help you discover what lies underneath the pain of the workplace dysfunction that derails your culture initiatives. Be more productive by creating an environment of compassion and collaboration between your team members. Build a stronger sense of personal responsibility and commitment among your employees.

When you develop an Authentic Workforce, people get along better. They get more done, have increased job satisfaction and really look forward to coming to work every day. Start with getting the Right People in the Right Jobs.

CULTURE - Set the intention for what you want your employees to experience.

LEADERSHIP - Create the system to ensure consistency and accountability.

TEAMS - Execute the plan with alignment to your business results.

Let Lisa help you make more impact with your Company Culture. 

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“Lisa creates a warm, open, and inviting environment in her workshop. She

encourages each participant to take that extra step to go outside their

comfort zone allowing for both personal and professional growth.”

Judy Irvine

Manager for ICA

Seneca College

Lisa talks about the skill of delegation...